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June 2019

The Uber Chronicles #3: Jose no habla Ingles Uber driver doesn’t speak English

December 2017

The Uber Chronicles #2: I have frequent flyer miles on the astral plane I have frequent flyer miles on the astral plane

August 2017

The Uber Chronicles #1: Uber up the bullet hole, please Thank you, Uber driver, for taping up the bullet hole

January 2017

Where did the damn Vikings get the damn snakes? How did the Vikings get the snakes to kill Ragnar

October 2016

My Dead Rock Stars: 2017 Year End Update The number of dead rockers of my acquaintance stands at 45. Keep in mind that this list is of the ones I knew, not all rockers. There’s at least one huge site dedicated to it. Regarding mine, most were musicians, but a few were important music insiders. This year there are two additions who died in 2016, Paul Kantner and David Bowie. Also this year I’ve added expanded commentary and another yarn.

September 2016

Donald Trump, my Dad, the fascists and me Donald Trump, my Dad, the fascists and me: My life covering death.

July 2016

Pokemon Go: take a hike Pokemon Go: Pallid tweens wandering in apparent trances following the light of rectangular boxes

January 2016

MIKE JAHN: 'One more freak show' -- David Bowie's famed Carnegie Hall appearance Mike Jahn reports on David Bowie's legendary September 28, 1972, Carnegie Hall debut.
MIKE JAHN: Name a roach after your sweetie It must be true -- I read it on the Internet

October 2013

‘That’s a Smith & Wesson, and you’ve had your six’ James Bond and the time that the movie hero changed forever

September 2013

Carrie Underwood to shut down America So, my friends with visions of destroying the legally elected government of this land of the free and making a huge chunk of the population sick, learn to play guitar and go entertain the rest of the luddites at the Country Music Awards.

January 2013

Slats Thompson and the Good Ship '100 Proof'

December 2012

Donovan and Mosko ponder the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

July 2012

I'm on chapter three of my memoir I'm on chapter three of my memoir

May 2012

It's 1977. The Cold War is at its height ... The Cold War is at its height. A ruthless killer is about to start World War III. All that stands in his way is a lonely young woman who runs an Italian restaurant.

March 2012

Rave review for Michael Jahn's "Murder in Coney Island" Praise for Michael Jahn\\\'s \\
Murder at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine out in Kindle “Michael Jahn’s New York City Mysteries: Murder at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine” out in Kindle

February 2012

Cissy, Whitney, and Life Within the Yurt
What are the Bill Donovan Mysteries? list of books in the Bill Donovan Mystery series by Michael Jahn

January 2012

Hiding from Pirates Aboard a 70-Foot Windsurfer

December 2011

Clams, the Kardashians, and Durn Angry Indians Kardashians. the Hamptons, and clams

September 2011

September 11, 2001: A Letter From the Front A New Yorker remembers where he was on September 11, 2001.

August 2011

'Michael Jahn's New York City Mysteries: Murder in Coney Island' available on Kindle \\\'Michael Jahn\\\\\\\'s New York City Mysteries: Murder in Coney Island\\\\\\\' available on Kindle

July 2011

How I Hatched 13 Snapping Turtle Eggs in a Bucket in My New York Apartment How I hatched 13 snapping turtle eggs in a galvanized iron bucket in my New York apartment.

January 2011

The New York Times Writes About Me The New York Times Article About Me Published in their ArtsBeat Blog December 8, 2010

July 2010

My Dad, Bert's Flivver and Dutch Schultz

January 2010

Paladin, Liberty Valence, Some Sharks and Me

September 2009

This story about Leonard Cohen has sex in it. Mike Jahn remembers Leonard Cohen well from the Chelsea Hotel. His story has sex in it.
And they say immigrants are bad for the American economy

August 2009

The Kennedy Family and Me
'It was a time of euphoria and devastation' Woodstock, 60s, rock, revolution
My New York Times Woodstock 'Popcast' Is Up
By the time we got home from Woodstock we were half dead

July 2009

A hot Jamaican Black Muslim voodoo practitioner scared the bejesus out of her
A 'hunka hunka' of an anniversary

June 2009

Welcome the First Black Princess Di Michael Jackson is the black Princess Di.

May 2009

OMG, There’s Life Down There!
'That night I was in England making a ham sandwich for Mama Cass'
The Day That Spock Gave My Son a Tribble

April 2009

Woodstock Was ‘the Senior Prom of the Sixties’
It's a good thing Manson didn't see this or he would have killed me too.
When Canned Heat Plied the Press With Weed
The Black Freighter is Steaming Into the Harbor
Obituaries on the Astral Plane
Better Dead Than Read
Jimi, Harry and Me