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UserpicWhen Canned Heat Plied the Press With Weed
Posted by Mike Jahn

Rock bands of the classic era were always trying to see if the big shot reporter from the newspaper would do drugs with them. That was me. It was the late 60s/early 70s.

I pretty much looked like them. I had the clothes, the hair, and the general look, which went “this guy is with the Grateful Dead. “ But I had a press badge, which in most cases meant that when I showed up at their hotel the heroin would go into the drawer with the Gideon Bible before they let me in the door.

There were occasional differences when the hard drugs remained on the mantle – predictably Dr. John and Sly Stone, but also Canned Heat. In the latter case, they were told only that the big shot reporter was coming to the hotel to meet them and probably expected a man in a suit. When I was let in the room they were sitting around with the hands in their laps, like good little parochial school boys. Bob Hite was sitting cross-legged on the bed, a long-haired Buddha with his trademark leather top hat placed carefully in front of him. Maybe someone tipped him off.

As soon as he saw me, Hite yelled “he’s a freak!” and whipped the hat off a bowl holding about a pound of weed.

Did I do drugs with rock stars? No. Except that time. Well, whaddya want? They knew I was coming and set the table. I was too well brought up to refuse their hospitality. As they say, breeding will out.

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No UserpicPatricia Morrison
Well, the girl from Jazz & Pop DID do drugs with rock stars. And she also did a rock star. Go and sin no more.

No UserpicPaul Benavidez
I got the picture of "Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" after reading your Canned Heat account. There has to be more. Did you meet Leary and or Kesey?

As far as Dershowitz, I'd rather have a beer with Norman.

UserpicMike Jahn
I had a beer once with Alan Dershowitz, so I feel safe. It was at a Dominican restaurant around the corner from Sammy's Romanian on the Lower East Side, so I'm also fashionably ethnic.

No Userpicelizabeth
Feeling the need to confess to any other crimes and/or misdemeanors? I'm going to ask our mutual friend and see what dirt I can unearth about you... and him in the process.