Mike Jahn

"Michael Jahn's New York City Mysteries: Murder in Coney Island" has been published  as an eBook to be read in Kindle and related devices. The price is $2.99. It's available for download now. It's the first of the ten books in my series of hardcover mysteries, published between 1982 and 2008, that I intend to publish as  Kindle editions. 

It's a year after the destruction of the World Trade Center. Captain Bill Donovan, the  NYPD's legendarily brilliant, famously eccentric detective -- he’s been called “the ‘House’ of homicide” -- has managed to piss off the Feds so badly they won't let him near the case. So there he is in the basement of an ancient mom and pop candy store in Coney Island wondering why a prominent housing developer lays in a pool of blood at the foot of the World's Most Complete Collection of Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Cards, beaten to death with a bronze statue of Ebbetts Field. 

And then ...


I forgot to mention that Donovan listens to techno on headphones.

(And if it isn't obvious, I don't know how to format text in this software. The type should not be that small. I promise to keep working on it.)

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